The GREENS Trust’s activities include the research, education, train the rural community and youth for wealthy livelihoods and organize the workshops/capacity builds for the Rural Elegance, Environmental Nurture and Sustainability.


Interdisciplinary research is organized under the “Research Centre Water, Food and Energy” for environmental management and sustainability. There are many cross-cutting themes: environmental management and sustainable technology, renewable energy, water resource management and reclamation technology, emerging contaminants in environment and food safety, sustainable rural development from the perspective of water, food and energy nexus and governance that cut across all research activities since they are dynamics with disproportionately large effects on rurban development.


The GREENS Trust believes that unless educating the rural community and youths about the importance of environmental management and conservation, it is not possible to achieve rural elegance, environmental nurture and sustainability. Therefore, environmental conservation’s education is an important part of the GREENS Trust’s outreach and education programme. The GREENS Trust is in a unique capacity to impart hands-on, field-based environmental management and conservation education using internal and external resources and subject experts.


The GREENS Trust believes that environmental education as well as awareness and capacity building to local community and youth is a permanent process in which community gains awareness of their environment and associated problems then acquire the knowledge, values, skills, experiences, and the determination, which will enable them to act individually and collectively to solve present and future environmental problems at rurban areas. The GREENS Trust conducts awareness and capacity building to local community and youths including school children on sustainable rural development, environmental conservation and management of natural resources like water, land, power, forest, etc. Capacity building on the socio-economic & cultural capital and resilience in rural communities is also one of major activities of Trust.


The GREENS Trust organizes social and cultural events for rural communities and youths to resilience the social equity and justice.