Volume 1(2)

International Journal of
        Environmental Health and Technology
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Editor-in-Chief: Shivaraju H Puttaiah, Ph.D
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Volume 1 Issue 2

Pages Title and Authors
36-40 Life Cycle Assessment Study for Crude Steel and Finished Products at Steel Manufacturing Industry, Ballari, India
Aparna A Madyal, Manoj Kumar B, Srinivasarao RT, Ravitej Hegde
41-43 Impact of Environmental Factors in the Genesis of Free Radicals and their Clinical Implication W.S.R to Hypercholestremic Atherosclerosis
Anju B.Uppin, Nithin Kumar
44-48 Electrocoagulation Process for Wastewater Treatment
Bharath M, Krishna BM, Manoj Kumar B
49-55 Role of Plants in Combating Pollution and Reducing Human Stress
Pushpalatha BN, Saraswathi Raman DN
56-61 A Study on the Effectiveness of Instructional Package on Climate Change (IPCC) with Reference to Awareness About Impacts of Climate Change on India Among B.Ed. Student-Teachers in Bangalore City
Srinivasacharlu A
62-66 Screening of Phytochemical Constituents and Anti- Bacterial Activity of Fractionated Leaf Extract and Anti-Oxidant Capacity of the Crude Extract of Sesuvium Portulacastrum Leaf from Backwaters of Muthukadu Lake, Chennai
Chitra J, Syed Ali M, Anuradha V, Yogananth N
67-73 Assessment of Water Quality and Identification of Risks Associated with Water Supply Hazard Events in Mysuru City, India
Pallavi S, Shivaraju HP, Sonu Kumari, Ningombam L Devi