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International Journal of
        Environmental Health and Technology
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Editor-in-Chief: Shivaraju H Puttaiah, Ph.D
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Volume 1 Issue 1

Pages Title and Authors
01-07 Effects of Cationic Ligands Addition in Hydrous Titanium Oxide on Fluoride Removal Efficiency in Aqueous Medium
Midhun G, Shivaraju H P, Anil Kumar K M
08-12 Assessment of Microbial Contamination in Drinking Water from Source to End User Point in Hennur Area Bangalore City, Karnataka, India
Ajisha A, Siri K Nagaraja, Pethannan Rajarajan, Jessen George
13-16 Water Quality Assessment of Naganur Tank of Davangere, Karnataka, India
Vasanth Naik T, Vanaja R, Raj JB
17-21 Spatio-temporal Analysis of Health Facilities in Mysuru District
S. Srikantaprasad
22-29 Antıoxıdant and Free Radıcal Scavengıng Actıvıty of Crude Extract of Rhizophora Mucronata Leaves
Asbin Mary X, Syed Ali, Anuradha V, Yogananth N
30-35 Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Leachate Contamination Potential by using Leachate Pollution Index
Lathamani R, Suresha S