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The GREENS Trust is environmental conservation, education and rural development based non-profit and social concern trust who works with school education and capacity building to youths at rural areas. The overall objective of the GREENS Trust is to sustainable rural development through environmental education and conservation with capacity builds to children, youths and rural community.

Some of the social concern activities that we are actively involved and funding support required are:

  1. Adopting Govt. Schools and mobile schools at rural areas for quality and compulsory education.
  2. Health care service and mobile clinic at rural areas.
  3. Emergency relief and preparedness to natural extremes.
  4. Capacity building to youth and rural community for sustainable farming and self-employments.
  5. Ecological restoration, social forestry and environmental education.
  6. Development and demonstration of innovative strategies and green technologies for sustainable rural development.


Your generous donation and support to the GREENS Trust may strengthen us to create further amenities for better serving the rural community by environmental nurturing and quality education. Contact us by for your support.