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GREENS Trust is an umbrella body for environmental professionals, researchers and volunteers to create healthy environment and vibrant communities across the world.

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We reflect the collective voice of our Members and Fellow across the country.

By utilizing the knowledge and skills of the member, we work to elevate the important environmental and social issues, successes, and challenges of the sector, establishing a united voice focused on enhancing the social and value based activities across the country. Together we work toward making collective impact and successfully addressing the needs of our communities from the perspective of environmental education and rural development.

Professional member Fellowships are specially tailored training which are designed to give qualified persons practicing or intending to practice a profession in the field of the GREENS Trust programme priorities and opportunity to receive additional and practical training, thus contributing to the advancement and circulation of knowledge and skill promoting development and understanding.

Become a GREENS volunteer

Your contribution of time and talent assists in realizing our vision and supporting volunteerism and nonprofit organizations across the region as well as the country. GREENS volunteerism helps to create pathways to shared resources, professional development, and learning opportunities that enable our volunteers to be more resilient and effective.

All applications must be submitted through the online and please do not hesitate contact us by writing to